Our Promise

We have a company policy to never make any profit on the vehicle price.
We sell the vehicle to you for the same price we pay, our profit is within the vehicle
conversion only. This is a huge saving for the client as it is standard practise for most companies to increase the vehicle Price by 5% to cover internal admin costs when purchasing vehicles on behalf
of the customer.

Due to our vast range of products our capacityvaries depending on the demand. Weekly production meetings, stringent scheduling and planning procedures are in place to insure all of our departments run smoothly so our customers receive their vehicles within the promised delivery period. We have the capacity to run 8 mass production lines at the time.

We pride ourselves on our reliability procedures. Every vehicle has to pass through stringent tests and checklists. Our procedures are implemented  throughout production at various stages of the work. Every aspect of the vehicle is tested thoroughly before the vehicle is released from our workshop. We deliver for full  customer satisfaction.

An integral part of our company, people’s lives and businesses depend on the vehicles operating effectively and TVC are here to help you.

We offer a full service/maintenance package with warranty and emergency roadside assistance is available in some regions.

We will give your vehicle a maintenance inspection after every 5000 miles. TVC is your global partner.

Fiberglass Works

Fiberglass or glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is the most cost effective solution for mass production of custom features. Whatever your need is, we will design it and produce it to your requirements.


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